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NC Health Insurance Options Ideal For Low Income Individuals

With many NC health insurance options, finding a high quality plan in the state of North Carolina shouldn't be too difficult. Here are four potential options to consider.

In an insurance based society as America has become, you’ll find that not having health insurance just isn’t an option, because it’s going to mean that you really can’t afford for your medical care to be administered. For that reason, it’s really important that you find a plan, so that your medical needs don’t end up bankrupting you or even your family.  That’s why there are plenty of NC health insurance companies and services out there designed to help you in the ways in which you really need the most.

When you have a preexisting condition, or if you’re a senior citizen, if you’ve recently lost your job, or even just with a low income family, finding coverage can be difficult to impossible.  That’s why it’s really important that you know what your options are for finding plans that you can count on.  There are a multitude of plans out there offered in North Carolina, and you just have to know which types really apply to you so that you can find them more easily in your search.

1) Blue Cross Blue Shield of North Carolina

These are one of the few NC health insurance companies that really provide something for everyone, and that are designed to supply you with care at the bare minimum of cost.  What the Blue Cross is all about, is providing care to those in need, and doing so for the lowest prices absolutely possible.  What you’re also going to find with a company like this is that they also provide health insurance to you for short term needs as well, so that you can find coverage while you’re transitioning between jobs, without having to break the bank to do so.

What you’re also going to find is that the Blue Cross is one of those health insurance providers with special dispensations and plans for low income families as well as students.  That means you can find a type of coverage that suits you no matter how you’re in need, and you can also find supplemental plans to add to all different forms of existing insurance.

2) First Carolina Care Insurance

When you’re seeking insurance but you just can’t afford the standard health plan, this might be the answer for you.  This is a non-profit insurance company that’s dedicated to providing care at a bare minimum of cost, and all of the profits that they procure from their services are sent directly back towards serving you, the customer.  However, they unfortunately only operate in the area of Pinehurst North Carolina, and only have a few hospitals and treatment centers under their belt.  While it’s a really ideal insurance design for everyone, it’s not one that everyone can take advantage of just yet.

3) Inclusive Health

This is the most ideal type of helpful health service offered through NC health insurance companies for if you can’t afford a standard plan, and cannot afford employer offered insurance either.  This is a special type of North Carolina specific plan which is basically a money pool offered to those that are too high risk to get insurance otherwise.  Whether you suffer from a preexisting condition and cannot find coverage, or if something in your history causes your employer offered plan to be too expensive for you to afford.  This way, you can still apply for coverage, and get the money that you need to make up the difference when it comes to getting care you could really use.

4) North Carolina also offers all of your standard government provided plans as well.

That means you can still get coverage under Medicaid or Medicare if you qualify for the standards as dictated by the state.  Most typically these programs are always available for the elderly over the age of 65, as well as pregnant mothers, and even low income families and those with disabilities.  That way, you can get coverage even if it would not be affordable to do so on your own otherwise.  Most typically you have to fall below a certain income level, but the plans are there for those really in need.  All you have to do is visit the local Department of Human Services, and you should be able to find the forms that you need to file for the perfect plan.

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